1. We just have to take control of the energies and what we give power too. We do simply have to be who we are .. the only thing constant is change so we should grow and move , evolve with change.. to do nothing is easy, and simple and should be taken in consideration at the right time, just like we know when is the right time to do what we have to do to bring about that change,
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    We all are Gods and Goddesses, its just how much we come in tune with them on this plane of existence , that will determine where we travel to in the after life (NTP)
    We are to remain open to all schools of thought , both positive and negative , schools that make sense to schools that do not , our choices of accepting or disregarding information, energies and vibrations tells us where we stand at this moment in also enables us to measure the distances and polarity in order to maintain the balance within self. (NTP)


I am human , and not always can everyone be positive and high in ascension ,, without knowing the lows and depths of despair. Its all relative ( NTP)


The school of life is our greatest teacher .many doctrines, religions , all walks of life and nature is my teacher. our life experiences is what guides us onto different paths and determines how long we stay on that path .. the lower and negative the vibrations the wider the path .. I am walking a tightrope with all focus on balance .. (NTP)


But first we understand, overstand , we learn to innerstand before we are outstanding in our energy and divine sparks we share. we learn to stand side by side with all other like minded beings until our time comes where we can sit and rest knowing all our missions are completed and can live on in the next generation . ( NTP )


We have to give thanks for the moments in any connection in truth, even if it is for a moment , or 10 years , or a lifetime.. everything happens for a good reason, especially when you stay pure with intentions and continue the path of righteousness. Keep the Balance! Keep the Focus, Be-in-G.. (NTP)


~ Inner Peace ~ even in the craziness of life I seek refuge within self for there is all the answers .. my choice is to care , even for the careless .. all energies I accept for full value and consideration, respect each energy/degree has its place on the grand scale of all. (NTP)


We cannot change people , or force people to see the things the way we do. All we Can do is inspire people to use their 3rd eye and see/feel/connect even with our vision, perception, reason and purpose. (NTP)


Love is on my mind today,, indeed it is every day but in particular I have been connecting with the positive energies that have been shared here and I am humbled in every moment when it is recognized we are all on a learning curve .. As we strive for perfection, or to perfect ourselves on the most highest mission we are challenged and our connections to the divine source is tested.. This is life on earth .. whether you are a spiritual being having an earthly experience or an earthly being having a spiritual experience , the fact is the physical body can limit us sometimes as we get tested on hour journey .. the key is to keep rising above the negativity whilst remaining humble always when we recognize self in others as we are one ~ xXx Much love to all .. You ALL know who you are.. 🙂


Those that see truth recognises truth…… or its just common sense yet that is also still yet to be defined 🙂 the question is then ” defined by who’s perspective” especially when some people are too set in their ways to accept another perspective,, takes up too much energy, the same energy that those who recognises truth radiate to share , give power too with an open with infinite possibilities .. when one is in charge of their own destiny one can achieve what the mind can conceive, and yet its true one can be true and loyal to a core belief systems from many perspectives, one just has to go universal.. on this path one will recognise themselves in others as one in all become one.. anyway ! divinity will recognise divinity even in each other in alignment with universal laws, physics, science, maths, esoteric systems, truths and right knowledge down to the core, to the roots. As Above, So Below.. <(:)> ♥ Much Love Sis ♥ if someone is a positive person, humanitarian, environmentalist, representative of their BeINenerGy with those core beliefs, walks with clean hands and good heart and pure intentions with for and by ALL then who is to challenge? …certain facts or sound right reasoning? could be presented, backed up by keys in the timeline, but in this day one has to find the time to think for themselves and rise with energies that become the wind beneath their wings xXx ~ As One ~ Our unity will be our vessel ♥


A question mark ??? , leaves me in limbo for an answer ..
Silence leaves me hanging in the possibilities.
Feeling vibez and energies, rhythm like a dancer
Wondering what boundaries, are my loyalties ..

My search for what IS! with no need to question.
I have been lost, I feel like I been going in circles ..
Foolish actions upon insecurities I won’t mention
Fate forcing me to jump these hurdles .

So powerful am eye, I feel everything ,
I wish I could be pleasantly surprised ,,
But the outcome is so sure to bring ,,
A broken heart with tears in my eyes ,,

So channeled, so focused, so set, so straight
What happened to me lately ,
Wondering how I got lost, not knowing my fate,
Just trying to walk this life’s road safely ..

So many negative energies,
Why do they get so much respect ,
When riding on different frequencies
Some play with the good then reject .

This game of life? Is it a game
When there are so many players playing ..
If this is a game , whats the name ?
So much voices with no-one saying ..

The need to release and be free to be me
Keeps me asking these questions ..
All I am faced with is workers of inequity
Leave me facing real life conclusions ..

Yes silence is so loud ,,
Drowning out the sound of my tears ,
Looking for ? no-one around
I stand alone to face my fears ..

It’s cool though I am lost,.
I get to view and see things differently
Standing by a multi dimensional , directional post
Viewing every avenue universally ..

Right now I am in this Position ,
Not getting answers to questions I ask
In limbo aligning to re-condition
So that I may fulfill my lifes task ,

Bare with me , be patient, I am back
Invoking all my energies this year .
As I vibrate in all , with love and more that,
I a spiritual soldier. I face my fear’s .

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