NTP Virtual ~ Administrative Assistance.



Available for the following supporting positions.

  • Admin Support

    • Project Coordinator – Help you monitor and evaluate to maximise efficiency and make sure you are meeting your required targets.
    • Policy Writing / Framework Documents – Help with creating the framework documents and systems for your project/business, identifying the correct policies for your organisation/project – make sure your organisation is compliant to legislation. Help you customise procedures and create the process that maintains follows procedures.
    • Advice and Guidance in Careers or Social Entrepreneurs. Mentoring, helping individuals set up their own business, helping you through the process of becoming self employed, meeting government requirements, with working tax credit, housing benefit, online tax self assesments HMRC –
      •  General Advice – if you are thinking about a change of career / or needing advice on how to enhance your employability. Send me an email and we will have a chat.
    • NTP-Virtual Administrative Assistance  – for New Business, Charity/Small Business or Social Enterprise / Community Interest Companies.This Virtual Administration Support means this opportunity is available at a Local, National and International Level.
    • Social Entrepreneur Support – Visionary – Brainstorm – Prioritise – Follow up and Follow Through.  Helping turn your vision into a reality.  Using the SMART Approach.
    • Volunteer Coordinator – Help you with the advertisements for various posts, light flyer creation, creating/helping with the recruitment process,
    • Social Media Support – I can help you with your various social media pages / platforms – Public Engagement – Event Announcements – News and Updates – Light Marketing.
  • Please contact me for a free 1 hour consultation, to identify your aims and objectives and the level of support you need – Next Steps Plan. .

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