BeINenerGy Poetry


Affairs of the heart. Forbidden Fruit.

by Naomi Tammi Palmer : Poetic Justice : BeIN(ener)Gy on Monday, 31 December 2012 at 01:02 ·

Why do the stars allow us to align

Yet circumstance say you cannot be mine.

Why am I allowed to see so deep within

If I am destined from the start not to win.


Why am I allowed to enter that sacred space ,

the very core place inside of you

if there was not a purpose or a place,

for me to resonate with all that completes you.


Why do I meet you on all those levels

Within this space and time

Why the inception and the very spark

If it was not for the design, divine, and sublime.


Alchemical ingredients to assist in this cosmic shift..

and in the moment of any inception we seem to remain connected.

We held on to the rope when all was adrift

Through all the energies that have interjected..


Why am I the one to absorb all burden and potential pain.

To take all the necessary steps ..

Just to make sure no-one gets hurt in my name,


Why do I smile involuntary at the very thought of you.

Even when I am frustrated and mad,

All your energies just seem to shine through,


why am I expected to believe ..

when you know it’s the truth we walk with,

a hypocrite, yes I am too, to believe .

when all we resonate with , is truth ..


anything less it is we , we elude

to conclude .. no time to be aloof ..


I keep saying I need to be strong.

What suits everyone else suits me..

But that is not where I belong

This type of strength is not good for me ..


This strength gos against the grain ..

Yet , to cope, it is more strength I seek

Leaving me feeling completely drain ..

it is, this strength that makes me weak.


I know in my heart and soul you feel me,

And you know our connection hold unity.

You know in our last lifetime you promised me, the next .

Only to find each other now , saying as much as you’d like you cannot accept.


Next lifetime , last lifetime , the next beyond again ..

This lifetime our destiny is for friendship to remain


.Are you insane .. or is it me ?

Have I lost the plot completely?

Has my 3rd eye and eye gone all cloudy?

You keep saying this not for me ,.

Is this how it is suppose to be .



Just me ?

When I see so much of you in me… ????  …


Tell me what this cosmic being is, or is not here to do,

You know your being knows her, she has waited eons just for you.

Throughout time and space continuum , through star galaxies and dimentional planes .

Your going to tell this energy .. what exactly again .. ? on this plane .


.Our quantum entanglement and cosmic cord

We both held on to that rope ..

But when all is presented for us to afford ,

All of a sudden ,, just cant cope . ??


I wish I had that luxury to choose

The choice to choose like an option.

When I look at all in side of me.

It is your energy I see , the one.


I am not going to speak to loud,

Or even utter a word .

All Is all that is meant to be .

The sound of silence, it can be heard ..


If you cant hear the call,

nor see beyond this space and time,

Then you might not be for me after all,

Maybe you were never meant to be mine .


Though for now we come to this realisation ,

As our energies change frequencies ,,

Always seeking higher revelation

Simply being what we are meant to be


I will always be honoured to walk with you

And stay connected through this shift ,,

Always connected by this cosmic cord ,

Still we may have to set each other adrift.


With all the powers in the universe

If you are really meant to be meeting my mind ,

Destiny will play its hand at cards ,

And place your hand in mine ,

NTP 2012

………………………………………. Afterthought !! >>

The one

An option

People offer red pill / blue pill when I don’t need any pill to sedate my purpose.

No wonder I get lost in limbo , and feel like I am slowly going insane ,

This action only succeeds in hurting both of us..

Do not ignite the passion in one when you cannot sustain the flame

Love Me For Me.

by Naomi Tammi Palmer on Thursday, 3 May 2012 at 21:01 ·


We work in life to be , the best we can be.

Sometimes all we need for encouragement, is for our loved ones to see.

All the energies, love and vibrations, we share with each and all.

Sending a unified message of oneness, or divided we will fall.

For our children we strive for everyday, to leave a legacy, a direction.

Yet they fight us with inequities from the streets, with no love or affection.

Leaving us feeling deflated, unencouraged, drained and weak.

And they wonder why we are not full of energy, when its our attention they seek.

Our children they need to know. All we do we do it for them.

With all the love and guidance, we are their parent before their friend.


We work in life to be , the best we can be.

Sometimes all we need for encouragement, is for our loved ones to see.

To see past the negative they see this day.

Just because we choose to simply be, in a way that is not their way.

Every day we work for a better life, better future.

CONSISTENCY is needed, not just when it suits ya.

I strive in unity, community, partners we are a team.

To manifest the thoughts we first sparked in our dream.

If you came to built in truth, then stand by my side and be real.

So we can live by the fruits of our labors, bounded by that sacred seal.


We work in life to be , the best we can be.

Sometimes all we need for encouragement, is for our loved ones to see.

The family and friends we love and support all the way.

Please don’t disrespect or have anger because we are not available today.

You know we love to see you prosper, to be the best you can be.

And in those all important moments, you can always count on me.

I am sorry I can’t always be there, to uplift you or nurse you back to health.

If you loved me as much as I do you. You would really look after yourself.

You must know that I am working Hard, doing my best to make it though.

and you must know in event of any success, I will not forget any of you.

In life we receive negativity, because we are not able to pamper everyone’s needs.

If they saw our true intentions, the positivity, they would see the best in me.

I am not going to apologise because I chose to live and strive this way.

I am not going to be sorry, because I did not give in today.

In a position that needs change, It would be nice for your support.

If that is not the case, then do not get angry at these thoughts.

In essence you know I am doing my Bes, and for you I will always care.

I am loyal to all I should be, so please do not despair…


… We work in life to be , the best we can be.

Sometimes all we need for encouragement, is for our loved ones to see.

xXx (NTP 2012)


by Naomi Tammi Palmer on Tuesday, 21 June 2011 at 18:35

Uncertain in this position there is an unsure perception, where we do not know the outcome in the system of illusions.

Just when we think we got the flow, and we know the way things go, there is a switch that leaves just confusion.

when we interact and feel a connection, common goals, shared ideas towards same destination.

when the frequencies and signals send out harmony and unification with sweet melodies that can raise nations .

emotions of others , our emotions we radiate. frequencies towards our sisters and brothers can lead to love or hate.

demonic forces that beg for our attention can lead us to withdraw and hide in seclusion, living in an insecure state.

belief is a force that has no foundation without facts especially when concerning the past, but belief is a system that includes hope and faith in a futures that can bring peace and change at last..

the energies feelings cause can build or tear down unity fast. If we do not learn to control our feelings there will be nothing that is built to last. people make mistakes , without communication how will we learn?,  to search forgiveness in someone else means you will be forgiven when it is your turn. A feeling that something is wrong, an new wrong amongst all the wrongs in the world. a feeling that cannot be shaken off even if the sufi’s twirled.

Sensitive I am to all and everything sometimes I feel its a curse, afraid to approach and highlight it in case me knowing make things worse. knowledge without reason or foundation, without substance or information to go on.  just a change in the harmony, frequency and tones , its hard to be in someones brain when they think they are  alone ..  Knowing and being able to read minds , hearts and souls with almost descriptive detail and precision. do I approach and let someone know, I know or do I stay quiet with that decision.

I can see through the eyes of the spirits that house people, I can feel, hear and experience what they do ..

sometimes I keep my distance cause I don’t wanna know,. but them my dreams take me through.  .

I can see the future outcome, from the steps that are taken now..  wanting to warn . teach and approach, but what do when i say i know and they say how? without sounding like a mad woman or I have completely lost the plot ..  what do I do with the talent , insight or curse I have got ?

Yesterday I am born compared to today when I try to guide the elders, the experienced or the professionals.  those that are in a repetitive cycle seek unity but see only individuals. I may not be older that my age, or as experienced as some. nor equip with the gifts and talents of the most professional ones ..  But I am a spiritual being empathic clairvoyant the lot ..  please do not dismiss my wisdom , deny my knowledge, the information or advice I got ..

time to set the record straight , not run around another burning bush . communications clear the air removes the weight, preferably now but hey there’s no rush!, only the feeling of time is running late for us all to get where we need to go.. time to get the vibrations and unity back into the positive flow. the energies out there when collected in unity can change all the world for you and we. no time for holding on to this madness as all it brings is a wave of uncertainty.

In The Moment . Intentions

by Naomi Tammi Palmer on Friday, 29 July 2011 at 12:02

if in the moment,

when chaos is our position,

when all lessons are sent ,

while we work on the most highest mission ..

will we be stubborn wondering who’s fault what was .. ?

will we sit in the divide , the torn,

will we sit and do nothing just because ??

do we keep walking away ? ,

though there is no destination in sight..

will we have the courage to say,

I love you and don’t want to fight ..

maybe in the moment ,

all the memories are still there ..

when after that moments is spent .

we realize that we still care .

chaos is an awful place ,

when our whole life hangs in the balance ,

upon the wings of forgiveness ,

this can heal all of us .

so do not slam the door , nor burn bridges,

for we might need to go back..

realize there can be moments of confrontation ..

strength means to stay on the right track ..

Truth ~

Written by Naomi T Palmer


Healing .. Slowly ..

by Naomi Tammi Palmer on Wednesday, 20 April 2011 at 22:44


A Ping on my phone says I have email..

I don’t know why I would anticipate if it was you?

I say time is the master, the truth and will always prevail..

its been so long I haven’t heard from you …

After all said and done I still care ..

though I remember all those angry words I meant at the time ..

each moment , each minute each second that you shared,,

still linger in my heart and mind ..

though keeping it moving is the momentum..

changes and separation is not always easy to maintain..

still the dream, I love to dream in quantum..

if it was allowed to be in real would free from pain ..

taking time out to view

the open path before me.

the first step I step without you.

is the first step I step for me ..

BeinG ..


A question mark ??? , leaves me in limbo for an answer ..

Silence leaves me hanging in the possibilities.

Feeling vibez and energies, rhythm like a dancer

Wondering what boundaries, are my loyalties ..


My search for what IS! with no need to question.

I have been lost,  I feel like I been going in circles ..

Foolish actions upon insecurities I won’t mention

Fate forcing me to jump these hurdles .


So powerful am eye, I feel everything ,

I wish I could be pleasantly surprised ,,

But the outcome is so sure to bring ,,

A broken heart with tears in my eyes ,,


So channeled, so focused, so set, so straight

What happened to me lately ,

Wondering how I got lost, not knowing my fate,

Just trying to walk this life’s road safely ..


So many negative energies,

Why do they get so much respect ,

When riding on different frequencies

Some play with the good then reject .


This game of life? Is it a game

When there are so many players playing ..

If this is a game , whats the name ?

So much voices with no-one saying ..


The need to release and be free to be me

Keeps me asking these questions ..

All I am faced with is workers of inequity

Leave me facing real life conclusions ..


Yes silence is so loud ,,

Drowning out the sound of my tears ,

Looking for ? no-one around

I stand alone to face my fears ..


It’s cool though I am lost,.

I get to view and see things differently

Standing by a multi dimensional , directional post

Viewing every avenue universally ..


Right now I am in this Position ,

Not getting answers to questions I ask

In limbo aligning to re-condition

So that I may fulfill my lifes task ,


Bare with me , be patient, I am back

Invoking all my energies this year .

As I vibrate in all , with love and more that,

I a  spiritual soldier. I face my fear’s .


Warrior Love

by Naomi Tammi Palmer on Friday, 09 July 2010 at 18:58

Stand strong , stand tall, continue to be you,

read and walk the talk, you know exactly what to do,

within the time space continuum, when all the planets align,

the power of RE’s will alter the time line.

the knowledge about self is found in ancient civilizations,

knowledge distracted by rec creations,

the future tables will turn,

with evidence shows no choice but to learn,

to make a difference, we have to position ourselves but how..

pick your position, hold it, the only real time is now.

the past is gone, can’t take the future for granted,

we have to nurture the seeds, sun’s RE’s Raise what we planted!!!

keep teaching and spreading positive vibrations .. raise these nations, change gonna come, evilous reign soon done,

stand strong in this time,

its a test to reach the divine,

can you keep the spirit though it all,

united we stand , divided we fall,

strength, love, peace, positive vibration,

is the keys to change, we are the creation..

*Wish! Feeling this as fresh as the day it was written*


My Cosmic Counterpart, Future Husband, By Law Of Attraction. 
Ethic and Standard : Codes Of Practice. 

– Our Love For Each Other IS Infinite And Undefined With The Capacity To Move Heaven And Earth, And Travel Beyond Space, Distance And Time. With, For And By Each Other ~ As One.~
– All He Is I AM, All I AM He Is, Cosmically Universally, Practicality,Mentally, Sexually, Vocally, Family ~
– We Are Compatible, Complementary,And Supporting Of Each Other, In Our Growth And Responsibilities,
– Excellent Communicators, Both Mature And Childlike. Being a Great Mentor To Our Children And Extended Family, With Excellent Humor And Wit That Bounces And Generates Energy And Laughter In The Most Highest Standards ~ Always.
– Mutual Respect, Love Honor, Loyalty, Honesty, Sensitivity, Realistic, Integrity Are Some Of The Key Energies We Radiate. Regal In Our Persona , God And Goddess, King And Queen, Emperor And Empress In State Of Mind, Ethics, Standards, Conduct, Both Personally And Environmentally, Both In Family And Socially.
– Professional In All We Do, Both Formal And Informal, Respective of All In All Diversity With Organic Principles.
– Activated By Our Actions,
– All Appliances To The Sciences We Learn.
– We Manifest All That Is Positive, Productive And Beneficial, With Harmonious Frequencies, Energies, Tones And Vibrations< That Becomes The Foundation Of The Creation Of Equilibrium For All Sustainable in Time.

Written by Naomi Tammi Palmer

Re-manissing . Re-membering. Re-aligning. Re-value-u-action. Re-aligning . Respect 🙂

To My Future King .

To My Future King < Voice Recording

In the prism if time I got lost in the search as I search to re-align and connect to the root source. defining on the timeline what cannot be defined to put in words the energies I seek to explore.. the esoteric adventure on the frequency of life, seeking to find my better half so I can be his wife.. His queen, his empress his lady, no maybe’s ? all is what is and will be .. all in all we complete we.. the guardians plans of time and destiny. riding on the frequency everything testing me if I am the one for his divinity.. the nobility .. all I seek outside is within me, all that searching the world and he is inside me, to guide me to his energy. magnetic forces opposed all but he, and for so long I knew but did not see.. my eyes are open completely.. to see a sight so sweet to me..
Like a comet he shot through the dark, like cupids arrow he hit me.. immediately in love everything become clear to me .. I thank the Most High for what they brought cosmically .. i love this energy I am feeling, someone pinch me to see if I am dreaming, I am a non believer but I am believing .. energies in motion in full swing and aligned, together in one mind in a harmony that balances me, a beautiful melody in tune and synchronicity . With all I am and have inside of me, I will have faith now they the universe will manifest all he needs to take flight so we can unite, ignite the the spark of sekhem we begin again, lovers, partners and friend,, we see this lifetime through to the end and the beginning, ANU life we living, Mother Earth and Father Sun manifesting and healing.. I see you in me and me in you.. this journey just begun, not ready to conclude so for now I give thanks and all is to be continued ..

In The Energy In The Flow xXx Celestial Waters xXx

Celestial Waters < Voice Recording

oh you started now, I dont even know if you know how, but you got me flowing with rhyme after rhyme , singing songs of love and sharing along this timeline, so much I want to share, to show you I care, a deeper vibration of the love that has always been there,
As the TRUMPETS GRACE your entrance and the drum beats sync with my heart beats,
can’t you hear as nature sings WHILE the suns blaze, as the moon cools while the stars gaze and align like a shrine.. paving the way like the runway for your landing, your arrival, 
this story is not a survival but is a revival from the roots and the tree of life.. I am with big smiles, looking forward to being your wife lol .. 
yes words is talk , some say talk is cheap .. not this time,
be active in activation and you will see, we are the elevation in our unity, when you look you will find all that you seek.. take the action and bring yourself to me..
With our real eyes action, let we see, already with our third eye we see intuitively transformed organically, 
from the digital to the analoge manifested through the vortex , the space that matters between the tick and the tock, time line in the time frame we start our own clock, 
You and me in that moment ,, in that first triumphant embrace, you hold all the elements and the sands of time, all that power in your arms and mine.. divine, with completion on our face, found in our embrace, straight truth no chaser.. I call you from the ether’s .. I give thanks you heard the call.. 
I think we both are ready now, to rise in love, never fall xXx .. in time nothing happens before.. maybe we just needed to learn that little bit more.. I trust you are real, I feel, the opening of the seventh seal and the rebirth of all, the world will be watching, some waiting for us to fall, some watching the beauty unfold in ore, some wishing they made those moves before, when they had the opportunity, though we are meant to be .. I will meet you with all aligned energy .. your on my mind intensely .. no doubts allowed to play with me mentally.. only feeling the forces of positivity.. because I know this will bring you successfully . 
I do not think you know what you have opened .. when you said you were prepared to love me.. the elders matched us as the chosen from our auras are golden, it is WE that chose to be.. , we asked to love and be love, yet we are love in all its glory, this is our story, all facts no theory, so we each can bring out the best in WE. flipped the script from the mirror image of ME .. Draw a line under that and all revealed with an eye to see .. do you see.. I smile for a while at the thought lol I wonder if you know the gift our ancestors have brought .. Still I am quiet for a while for the seed has been planted, our requests have been granted .. with our intimacy all is cemented and ascribed in stone.. with you, we as one, anywhere together, we ARE home xXx





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