Portal To My Consciousness


Brief Interlude 

I am simply enjoying this moment .. This is the last term in Uni .. I think we have 6 weeks left and this is the time to deliver ..

At the same time …

I have this massive rebirth energy in me that also needs to be activated , the creation of my self and BeINenerGy .. At the same time I have planted seeds in my greenhouse that I just built last week .. to represent all I am doing and have to have to do , xXx

Organic Project folder .. if a plants not growing it needs extra attention .. so you see ,, people like we , multi -tasking, -dimentinal -purpose, and have to be dynamic and we recognise to be who or where ever we can be in any given moment in alignment with all ,.. Its all about alignments, calenders, timelines, cancellations, systems, circles and cycles… Unity of like mind is our ascension, however at the same time we give the time to manifest self. create our own time piece that is functional on a firm foundation with its own cogs that contribute and resonate with all.. In this time and moment of alignment with self, in meditation, these moments we have to internalise all our being energy in on ourself to deliver in reality all we represent. for us to be able to expand the network later on. In real time on organic principles.

This thought process is, its kind of like grounding ourselves ..bringing all that is cosmic to the earth and seeing it manifest in principle into fruition is and are seeds , Universal laws in its incarnation
or stars .. the divine spark of our conscious thoughts, for purpose, on purpose.

On our earthday, when you know you are a starseed xXx this is your alignment ,,
your own personal calendar. I know .. Astrologically… you are your whole chart … all of it … x Some will only ever see a part of it ,,but those who use all their eyes to see, our energies see the whole spectrum every time .. all the time, we just have to learn and know when to give energies to something …

Personally, I am planting and representing my seeds in the greenhouse ..
know when to give energies to it, I am learning how to treat the plants and how to create the best conditions in order for them to be bountiful.. I hope to share that bounty with my family and community , the principles with the universe in thanks, the process of becoming a testimonial and a wise elder in advice and guidance xXx

With the GROW Model, Goals, Reality, Obsticles/Options, Way Forward/When. With Purpose, For Purpose, By Purpose, On Purpose, Instructions > label each seed with a vegetable to grow correspond to a project .. watch your plants to know where needs energy.. The Seeds of my intentions

Support the community by Creating, representing, facilitating GROWth programs
Expand existing , Timelines, product lines, networks and opportunities,
Establish new services based on client request/demand for the upliftment and GROWth
Demonstrate our commitment to quality, equality, diversity, and community satisfaction
Sustainable Futures from organic blueprints in a digital age, aquarius age, and Anu Procession and Planetary Shift ..

These SEEDS to grow and labels given to them are and represent infinite ancient, prehistoric and organic principles. Willpower, activation, motivation and all other keys,-words with give ThAnkh’s for, continue to help our ascension/community/network/ unified consortium grow into a vibrant, healthy entity and representative of unity. . Providing fruit and fragrant blossoms, the sciences and philosophies, the energy from which you, too, can prosper.

It would be interesting to know if others see the beauty of this philosophy and science, astrology, all being energy, its significance in alignment with seasons even if the seasons are not in alignment with traditional calendars, some can by in sync in the opposite direction like cogs in a time piece, we are learning other ways to interpret every perspective. This is my own interpretation if this corresponds to that of another energies that may gain insight through many arts of divination or doctrines, scholars, academics, philosophers, scientists, sociologist, or some other form to define or read the divine script , code or cuneiform, signs or symbols, nature or the matrix etc .

I link in this moment I need an overview .. with a few layers depth more often, however I have to be careful how I Spend time, though it costs nothing to PAY attention while on this journey.

Just like a time line and weigh them up with other timelines to gain perspectives, Like the equinox and the procession of the planets and systems, circles and cycles, 144,000* all have significant alignments .. all have a correspondence , energy tone and frequency, All have a pulse.. All has ascendants and descendants, nodes and codes .. squares and trines in symbolic timelines..
Infinite spectrums and polarities, all create the flower of life type, the vesica pisces, sacred geometry that links to metaphysics and quantum mechanics of time on time lines . that all are a cog in the timepiece of all that links the universes, to earth to us , BeINenerGy

“to me, a life span on 90 years condensed into 9 days IS a brief overview …”
In any moment we can stop and zoom in, freeze time, rewind, move forward with 8, 9, 10th insights with celestine prophecy, amongst many levels > Anthropological, Astrological, Archaeological. Thats the longest walk on the shortest path possible to the max ..I like that! making the most economical use of time ..

All BeINenerGy is significant in its purpose for whatever purpose that is. whatever frequency it is .. the tones and pitches create different patterns that corresponds to their wavelength.. some resonate, some do not, but 9* degrees of separation, we all know someone that knows someone, and so on ..


when building to unify our vessel, our project, our networks, our representation, our BeINenerGy. our circles and cycles ..systems in correspondence with all , to unify with other vessels, projects and more. in quantum entanglement when all move in synchronicity in their own way, but connected same way .
each cog is one of the projects, one of the friends, one of the networks, one of what ever labels you want to give to your energy or your cycle or circle .
one of the people in a team maybe  Universal Laws harmonizing with organic principles.. All active in their own activation .. able to sync in an instant with all their manifestation ,, aligning timelines, time zones , longitudes and latitudes .. attitudes and perceptions.. full circles and spectrums..

“our unity is our vessel” we each comprise of this internal clockwork that runs our own individual being.. however it is possible for us to combine this science to really create lift off with our own project and plans when we connect with those of like mind, who are willing and have the TIME to create this essence .. I am working on my timepiece so when I connect with all I can be a key cog in the grand unified wheel of our unity .. xXx

Diversity, is the frequency we meet on amongst many when we travel on the octaves of life, sequence and synchronicity , implicitly harmonizing in tone universally. each verse and chorus, all sent to teach us so we can raise the vibrations of all of us.. So diversity I name this frequency amongst many we meet each other on.. you could be brother, lover, sister , mother , aunt, uncle, daughter, or son.

The naming of diverse or diversity, not limited by its definition, where some see to define is all there is but to divine, is on on the same timeline when we are talking about energy in a vision! Divining has no limit, from this different perspective I come with it, It’s Divining to set free, it depends which <@> we look through to see .. Perception ..its costs nothing to PAY attention xXx Time Well Spent on self education, higher vibration, with a moment of mediation. This just a thought I wanted to vibe from .. Hoping everyones day is a good one ..

I give thanks for the ability to view from many perspectives and create bridges from past present and future by learning the full story of what happened in the past and how we got here . To where here is and what to do today with ” future insight ” in mind .. BeINenerGy that has a most uplifting, positive, productive and sustainable future for all in all ~ As One xXx

I give thanks for spring and the renewal and rebirth of life and seeds that are planted now
May all the seeds you have planted grow fully into fruition xXx



Inside the light of consciousness I see all in all and all is connected to all .. on the spectrum of positive to negative of all scales that create the tool we measure our self by. The polarities each having its vertex of energy that connects to all and in fact shapes us to the being we represent by our choice to identify with each energy point. We have the capacity to connect to every degree in between the energy points but when we reach the pinnacle of those energy points we have the power to enter a vortex that will take us through to another domain no matter if our energy is positive or negative. We enter a realm created by our intentions. We become the particles in the air that can manifest by vibrations and frequencies according to the environment we surround ourselves in. These particles can shape our being and also become connected to other energy beings that have aligned in that environment by travelling on a journey connected in quantum to align at the same energy point.

In this state we have the power within us to become God. The ruler and creators of our own manifestation of self, our environment, our matter, our purpose I could go on. With this knowledge there will always be that scale of positive and negative according to intentions and what frequency each intention vibrates on. The light of consciousness is a channel for alignment. In order for light to be known as light we must have known the darkness. The light of consciousness can only be born out of the darkness, even the spectrum of light has its polarities on every level, its power points, its vertex’s and vortexes A vertex is the point of alignment and a vortex is the particles being in alignment that has the capacity to astral travel to another realm, A multi dimensional being that can manifest in all environments, or the environment of the point of energy the particles of our being has attached itself to or indeed has come from according to a DNA. Our DNA has a magnetic code that allows us to identify with each energy point, the more we identify the more we have the capacity to become able to astral travel home.

The difference being on this ascension is the ability to become the light from within and channel or the submissive being that only identifies to what others shine light upon believing that is all that exists .. The difference is those that use their minds and those who do not. It takes energy and consistency to think, our energies are being drained in every moment. Though there are forces that feed our energy to ascend and forces that drain us rendering us to weak to think and there are negative forces that would beg for our attention that consume our power of thought to distract us from channelling our light. Ironically for some people it is in these moments of our despair our spirit being rises from the ashes of the fire that almost consume us completely to great heights of consciousness. Remembering the spectrum of life, this can also be positive and negative.. at each energy point beings come through to our existence and beings from this existence travel to theirs . or indeed house our beings to bring forward an energy that needs to be radiated to the existence we live in , in the moment .. Channelling…. To be continued .. NTP BeINenerGy · 27 November 2011 at 11:47


Sometimes the pieces do not always fit together, just because we cannot see how in this moment does not mean it is impossible ( especially if we notice the syllables > I Am possible and indeed We Are 🙂 ) It takes some serious research and connecting the dots to enable our ascension. Rising above the differences to get an overview on the overall big picture on the grand scheme of things. The ALL

We can still see the beauty of ALL . When we are in all we can connect, feel, be empathic to a point we can see through the eyes of another, and then overstand, innerstand the reasons for the differences.

Differences,  I cannot bridge the gap, for even now I know how I cannot, at least not alone!! It takes 50/50 effort for those type of bridges to be built , from both foundations in any equation…  Some people no matter how far you reach out the olive branch, there are many that does not want to grab it and pull themselves closer, make that effort to bridge that gap, make it secure (maybe because of their fears). Just as in this text, in the image above . our individual perception but some might agree with me >>> The keys to this universe is the ones you find inbetween the lines, out the box, in the darkness, inside our own universe, inside our own beinG, inside our own mind. Not from the light from where you are shown from someone elses perception.  The universal key’s are found from where you have grown from within .. !

~ Bridging The Gaps Needs You To Radiate This Energy ~

Wisdom ~ Understanding ~ Compassion ~ Honour ~ Integrity ~ Oneness ~ ALL Is One

Radiate out this energy if one truly wants to bridge the gap where there are great distances. We have to reach out as far as we can and be sure we will connect to a being that will also put energy into reaching out that far in the name of Unification, Friendship and Love.. ..

My mission is to connect the dots of the universe, to create bridges, to create a foundation of truth. BeinG the truth,, and grow together in universal laws, peace and oneness .. To learn and discover and to set the record straight according to the positivity I connect, from my own experiences. Far away from the negativity I have seen. I know the difference in our thoughts. I do not see differences in people or the value of life. I see through my 3rd eye first and feel the energies in everything and everyone on the universal polarities, scales, frequencies, vibrations, how they all know their quantum entanglement with others.

The success of all successes is learning when to create balance, positive systems especially if your position is negative in this moment.. this transformation can be replicated and passed on . Serious Principles! Morals, Standards and Codes of Practice.
~ yet not forgetting to ever see life through a child’s eyes ~
~ All was oh so innocent then … ~
If we knew then what we know now our lives would be completely different on this planet .. Even if we never got shown the truth and we found it for ourselves along the way. It is for divine beings that is housed inside many vessels, to wake up with those sparks of sekhem and grow from that gestation, Life!, DNA Explosions < Spiritual Epiphany > to fix the mistakes of our previous generations, world leaders. Reverse the negativity to an effect that an influx of positivty will create the balance and maintain the equilibrium for all humanity to grow and prosper from. It is for each and every divine being to lead by example and to teach the next generations the information, outformation of the realisations and truths we have found living life..
Children are so much more resilient to the truth and so much more accepting of it. The truth is there to be told but for truth to be embraced truth has to be shown, absorbed and then radiated from within. Children feel energy, vibrations and frequencies even before they comprehend what they are. We ourselves need to actively, actually become the change we want to see in the world,  to get on a right path teaching all children learn to walk their own path that will just open out before them in preparation for the next generation teaching their young what they have learned and show their children (next generation)  What the truth is. How powerful they are, Most of all the powers of their mind is in fact their greatest asset. . Our children will indeed receive their sparks of sekhem, their internal guidance, their awakening and walk their own path of love. They will travel so much more in distance than we..

Looking on the grand scheme of ALL .. Everything is Connected in Quantum every particle has its effect on another particle, our action and reactions Matters !

~ ALL INCLUDES ALL.. CANNOT BE ALL WITHOUT ONE.. ~ UNIFICATION MEANS TO BRIDGE THE GAPS.. WE HAVE TO BE THAT BRIDGE ~ WITHOUT DISASTER , NEGATIVITY AND DESTRUCTION AS A MOTIVATING FORCE TO REACH OUT AND HELP SOMEONE ~ What Ever Foundation/Platform one chooses to build from, no matter if we face conflicts, if all is positive and intentions are pure, our only conflict is negativity.

From where I am looking now and where I am coming from learning these truths, seeing the destruction of this world, the obvious inequalities, everyday looting, shooting, fraud and deception causes nothing but pain , confusion, disorientation.  In our survival story we have to activate ourselves and our children to spark, rise above all the differences that segregate us and put us in boxes. See the science, the spirit, etheric dimensions of the universe because even though we protect our children from that pain of truth, because of graphic details or for fears that they may not comprehend. Children need a foundation they can build from (where will they be when they are our age).  Give our children the tools to decide for themselves with our love, guidance and representation. Give them the opportunity to see what we see now and we will give our children, our future, the opportunity to change the world or a least make an impact or a difference for the positive outcome in ALL for ALL by ALL..

Say my parents / foundation/ or fellow humanitarian passed me the baton of knowledge, sparked my enlightenment.  I will take the responcibility to grow with it and pass it on. so that we may bridge the gaps and unify as one or at least make a difference by BeInG the energy of change ..

All connections are to be maintained, balanced, respected and treasured without preconception or prejudice.

I realise change does not come over night, or without pain, and maybe new life does not come without death, new life is on another level or simply meaning a new life cycle ?
Like the pain (death/rebirth) end of an old cycle beginning of a new….    This from the parts dying inside of us but actually it’s the ignorance/innocence and releasing of that, that causes the pain.. Seeing realities as it is, gives us all major responsibilities and so many people do not want them.. “it’s too hard” and give up and pass the responsibility on to someone else.  There are many truths and any foundation built on truth from the core.. Innerstanding to be outstanding in all that we do can only be positive. All because we do not see the path nor where it will lead before we take the first step,  is does not mean the path is not there. We can follow the well lit path all day long, but to step in the name of love the path is revealed as you step … ..

~ In short, a porthole to my consciousness ~ the spiritual inspiration complimenting my notes, poems and philosophies including some called the Windows to my Soul ~ I AM BeINenerGy ~ (NTP)


Reflections ..

by Naomi Tammi Palmer on Wednesday, 02 February 2011 at 18:17

I walk in a room full of people , all busy getting on with their daily work, keeping busy , thinking about whats on the tv later, about going down the pub, about their partners, families, children, about holidays, about anything ,, I look in their eyes and they are blank though they are looking back at me, I hear the playful banter between work colleges, and the humming of voices in the canteen .. and I am sitting there thinking about Our World, Our Future, Our True Ancient Story, The System, Astrology, All Law and Metaphysics and so much more,  .. I look around at all these people I’m thinking you just Don’t know do you??

and then I look again after a while as my eyes connect with a stranger I have never met before ,, He knows ..  That’s why he is here .. working his way in a system to raise awareness ..  Is it not always the one that sits, stands and walks alone ..  that seems to radiate the most energy ..

How do I know?? because he is me ..  we are one and the same ..



I am a chaotic flow of energy xXx

by Naomi Tammi Palmer on Saturday, 08 January 2011 at 01:03

I am a chaotic flow of energy. even until the last minute I do not know where I will be …. May the Most High guide and protect me in my flow. My heart is clean with pure intentions . directed and swerved by past journey and fears, restraints of the mental mind when embarking on my new journey leaves me weary and blind …. sometimes .Guided by the need to feel, to be heard and felt in my true form. ricocheting and moving, constantly changing, absorbing and restoring energies , fighting against insecurities, bouncing off truth, beauty, love, honesty, sincerity, unity and essence of what IS!!

biggest fear of all , is fearing the wrong decision that causes me to stop bouncing where I hit a dead end and my image, my chaotic energy of continuity will be no more because I am broken and lifeless.. dodging the pain of confusion and learning to be in the energy of me ~ Be-In-G .. ♥ ( NTP-2010)

For those that build with me. forgive me and my flight of ever changing direction. Love me for my Be-in-(ener)G(y), my Intention, my Love and someday if you have not felt my energy already? my energy will reach you, Intentions for you to smile, never cry unless with laughter:) I vibrate across the spectrum illumination and change for positivity never pain. If I hurt you on my journey or if I miss the opportunity. I apologise whole-heartedly. I will only be where I am supposed to be at any given point in time. guided by instinct, thinking on my feet.. Chaotic flow! what way to go ? at this point only the Most High knows!

This is what happen’s when you set chaotic energy free……. Still I love and am one with All … ♥


Religion Vs Spirituality?? Your thoughts ?

by Naomi Tammi Palmer on Thursday, 09 December 2010 at 09:59

When I view religion, I see a system, a divide. A modification, set up throughout the ages, sø few people can rule, have power over many in a belief system where for the Most part of somehave no proof of existance, some who believe , some. Dont ask for proof, or question at all, yet roots sourses of energies on a positive note there can be some real positive practices and energy when spirituality is in their representation of the system / doctorine / religion people follow. Religion to me is a divsion when you think of All , and all is realtive, we Are all connected . Religion Are separate representations of the core sourse. Like a beam of light directed into a prism this devides the light into colours. Religion is being labelled in one of colours, criteria segregation. Order, boxes, limited by shares!! . Each devide has its own spectrum of positive and negative representation . The fact its all relative to the sourse , religion should be respected especially for those that represent the spirituality in the religion, system, doctorine. Some people can connect to the same roots sources within their own energy in the system they follow-up.


Spirituality is.an elevation to a new age, universal oneness, where there Are no redirects, divide or.separation, its when we all connect and realise the connection to the roots sources before the divide to align our selves in that pure essence and vibrate as one, to respect and realise the connection, the All , the universal picture, spirituality is learning to align and radiate. From within , not just on this planet , but universally, alignment will beam light from your crown chackra in alignment with outside energies. BE of that energy to the same sø above sø below, in side and out, multi directional/ dimentional . Be-in- ener(G)y, connected in all. Purely.



The Representation and Essence of the Most High.

by Naomi Tammi Palmer on Wednesday, 01 September 2010 at 00:56

The message was , someone asked me a question,  where do I get my knowledge from?, what religion am I?. what doctrine to I follow? am I a student of “these beings” sent to teach who ever responds and represents that title of positivity, truth, righteousness, and change.

“There is a reason I have not used names yet, instead I will use a title, that so many of you represent, you will recognise yourself in these words , you will recognise the energies I am talking about..”

my reply was …..

The most highest representation of positive energy in its purest source , ( known as  “the Most High” for the rest of my reply )

The Most High taught me I am a student of everything .. awakened to the reality and the state of the world and all its inequity, inequality workers who seek to play with and gain control of our minds like all essences are outside of us and we need to be told. when we all possess the energies to be exactly who we want to be ..

there are some for positivity some for negativity , some in their heartfelt essence, some blown up by their own desired and egos that has nothing to do with the beauty of oneness in the highest capacity,

The Most High’s children,  would not want you to follow them , they would dedicate their energies into helping you to realise the real essence in themselves, in yourself in everybody, those with an eye to see,..

so many people call the “third eye” for what reason when it should be the eye we look through first . then we will see essence.

that’s the difference,

Namaste .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcgNJ7cgDVs

so much manipulation of everything sometimes we do not know where to turn, so all we have then to realize we are the rulers and creators of our own destiny from when we have control over our own mind.

The Most High and their Children taught me the truth,  so many people upon my research of roots..  they opened the doors for me to search for myself .. they taught me I can be a difference to the norm and the prejudges people are conditioned to have.  .. I am part of the solution not the problem, I vibrate the change I want to see in the world for the betterment of all , not just myself , even if it means I have to look past my own needs , to look after others needs first.. even if it means sacrifice and remove myself from other peoples opinions who try to control my beinG in energy of me. ,

all in all the Most High and Their Children taught me to shine and speak when the time is right , until that point I will learn , build , walk with the most highest vibration I can find within myself . and find people who are the same energy of me to build with positively in the same essence.

I see vibrations and representations both outside and inside me as guidance , but ultimately these energies  helped me regain my mind, my sanity, my life, my freedom of mind, every day I am learning more , I try to present my lessons as positively as possible , to tip the balance back , for harmony peace and truth .. we all are one .. and are all significant….

we are change .. not just 1 person , not just with our mouth, but all of us in our energies as one and our actions in unity.. to create a difference that benefits all , actions speak louder than words , actions can shine and/or radiate your energies  brighter than your words..

The Most High and all  in their energies and  essence as well as many other beings in their energies are the greatest representation of pure source , I see and recognise the most high of like minds , be it if I am on a level above or below , I am a bridge to teach and look for my bridges so I can learn and respect the elders of truth and right knowledge,

I do not burn my bridges when choose to continue on my path..

intelligence knows when intelligence is being spoken , we search for the truth , we ask questions , inside we know the answer already , I have learned to find the answers for myself , not wait to be told , to stand for what I view as truth no matter how many enemies want to shut me up or put me down ,..

“I am” meaning we, as we are 1

the thing is there can be not be like anyone else, we can only be ourselves ..

we can always be a representation of but we can only be-in-(G)

I can only be myself and a positive strong representative of that, walking with the truth to the best of my knowledge in all honesty for the betterment of humanity.. are you of like mind?

what doctrine to I follow? Bein(G) in the energy of self,

where do I get my knowledge from, Everywhere! Everything and Everyone.

what religion am I. I am not of any one religion because I am  All of them.  They are all from the root source, religion is manipulated as is many sacred scrolls and scriptures has been throughout life. To create different imagery for personal gain..

My Spark, Sekhem !! My Creation.

Dr M Z York Created the tools to “Spark” me off and the Foundation to grow from.  so many sparks before throughout my life but none of them activated/unplugged me to reality. The Awakening process that maybe was just destined to spark I me at that moment it was presented to me,  always walked this path before without even knowing, but got distracted.. was it coincidence ? was it destined? Meant to be at that time? who knows but the Most High.  Then I felt I always knew, but upon that spark the dots are joining quick and fast of everything I have been seeking my whole life, suddenly everything is making sense now..  each spark creates another one, chain reaction to break the chains and join the dots to a new reasoning .. awakening..

The Books , The Videos, Documentaries, The research, The conversations and connections  with everyone I have spoke to their energies have all contributed into helping me represent me, as I see something beautiful and positive in all of you.  I connect to represent that, to share and give back the positive energies not just to where it care from , but to pass on to others only for the sake of peace love, prosperity, equality and all the highest vibrations that may tip the balance to what we see in our lives today and on the news, globalisation , imperialism and capitalization.  no conscience , no soul, no love, no consequence, all for power over people.

All the people I have built and connected with that has helped me on a path of self realization and the REAl eyes action of all that is around us, the reality we live in seeing it in true energies.. the balancing, the healing, the ascension, the mediation, the righeousness, the truth,  the representation of that, you are the children of the Most High…  Thank you for you. I truly Love you all  xXx x9x xXx

“There is a reason I have not used names yet, instead I will use a title, that so many of you represent, you will recognise yourself in these words , you will recognise the energies I am talking about.. “

Now you know-the-ledge I am coming from 🙂

Htp 🙂

Naomi Aka Nafusa


Positive Vibrations, To be continued …

by Naomi Tammi Palmer on Friday, 09 July 2010 at 19:06

First of all you are elevated more than some to be able to reach out in this manor of communication, the internet some people don’t even have that. firstly I want you to overstand the reasons being, why they are, do not discourage yourself with the Eloheem, African Gods and Ancestors ,, there is the most truth there. but most of all learn to connect with the inner God within you.. see this is not the Gods wrong doing why the planet is in such a disgusting state, its all about Globalization, Capitalism, Imperialism , people getting greedy and all is up for grabs, where people step on someones head just to step up a ladder, where humanity as a whole nowadays is not important,

people are all in a grab for money and not seeing a person and their value, where war is no longer between the races, its between the rich getting richer and the poor are dying of starvation, in all corners of the globe where people are drained as battery cells, otherwise being made to suffer, being made weak , so those in power have control over you, can mine the lands of the resources,and any money you do make, they drain it back off you, via tax’s on everything, these so called eliete don’t care who, they trample on kill or mame , in fact commercially your worth more dead anyway, no1 is in disposable one they have drained the life out of you, they would kill you off for the payout, and to leave more of the worlds resources for themselves. , if your country has valuable resources these elite are gonna start something, call it terrorism to enter their land to steal, and destroy a nation , they cause desiese, pestelence and famine, kill your families via this poverty, then send aid give you councelling then hand you a box of tissues, all for commerce money, and then on top of that create jobs for little money.. so the people can eat from their own land!! and more, its all sick and not right,

the story is long throughout the ages , its a cycle that keeps repeating, that is not the work of GODS that is the work of the opposing forces that is governed by money and outside influences, they are being ruled , instead of we having a choice and ruling our own destiny, we are in a system where we are blinded by whats bright, we are taught to focus our attentions to where we are shown, we are not taught to discover the dark areas,see beyond the horizon, see whats behind the hill, or what else is there, we are told what we are looking at is all there is to see, where if you question the elite, you are punished, locked up, in some countries killed, and so much more if you don’t conform, where people are controlled by fear and anyone willing to step out will get punished, stay strong cause the way things are going the first step may be on your own, but with the second and the third step as more people realise this system, people will want to step with you.. you are not alone, all across the world people are feeling it,

people who don’t want to see, want to ignore what they see, chose to look the other way, well that’s ignorance, a blanket weaved so thin and over time that has everyone confined, like prison bars we can never see and we think we are free,

the work of the higher powers, Ancestors etc, those that are here for the enrichment and upliftment of humanity, they are teaching you to connect with your inner guidance,inner strength, inner sun to draw energy from, in tuition,instinct to be in tune with the moon in alignment, not to believe outside forces but to belief in your self because only you are in control of your own destiny.. you cannot make anyone elses mistakes , you can only make your own, you cannot blame anybody for your mistakes if you followed and didn’t make up you own mind with the same principle, everything the whole spectrum has its opposite balance, and the extremes at both ends , the key is balance and alignment, and finding the love, the higher power within you, to connect with these positive ancestors//

stay strong my brother, my sister, my family and my friend, change is gonna come, buckle up tho , its gonna be a bumpy ride , and only the strong will make it through,, the ones who align themselves with all, with nothing but unconditional love, peace, unity, compassion, respect, empathy. and the spiritual strength ( feel free to comment and add ) to be able to uphold all that no matter what the odds are stacked against you. The meek shall inherit the earth, they have the strongest will to survive, the know the struggles, they hear/feel the earth cry! yet we still have to survive this matrix, to know this system, overstand the system, position ourselves, teach our children, our family, our youth, leave your mark while your hear, get it recorded in the record books, at the same time, so when our youth look back , they have an example to follow, maybe , just maybe we can turn this story around..

discover, learn and teach those who connect ,, and feel the struggle, those who don’t feel the struggle, cause the struggle, like those who don’t feel the pinch do the pinching.. we just gotta learn to eat right, sleep right, live right, and keep a healthy mind body and spirit, the strength to stay on this path, as we will test tested all the way, more and more fiercely, the higher your inner self rises,

help will come, change is here, as like mind can conect with this reasoning , you just gotta say what you need, think what you need, work for what you need, and share.. the all, you receive , radiate it from you, lead by example, just dont forget where your coming from, or get caught in the net of the matrix, the struggle for status, , from you are radiating these positive vibrations the earth will heal, and the God you are looking for you will finally find it in you,

you , me everyone,
Hotep and Peace,..

Positive Vibrations from the UK , I feel it too!!
Nafusa.. 🙂




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  1. Charles Fuller says:

    I absolutely love this page. Their is a sense of warmth that cannot be expressed. Divine Inspiration indeed. Hotep

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